How to create a Wikipedia Page

How to create a Wikipedia Page

Before we play the game, we should learn the rules. Isn’t it? Well, we do not like to beat around the bush. Thus, let us know how to create a Wikipedia page​.

Create your account

Like every online portal, you can also become a registered user on Wikipedia. Signing up for an account is free but not mandatory. If you create a page without registration, your IP address gets publicly recorded in the edit history. Wikipedia has a right to block your address if they find you messing around.

It is advised to play the game on the safe side by registering with your real name and sensible email address. Further, you get to exchange messages from other users regarding the changes made in the pages of the articles.

Start Small

Check the playground environment and start by making small edits to the existing pages. Start with the content you are familiar with. Once you start making changes, you will get the gist of Wikipedia’s Content Management System. Unlike our crushes, Wikipedia does understand our problems. It offers both an HTML editor and a visual editor to manage the content.

If you have created an account, your every move and edit will be recorded on the user page which is accessible to all. The more productive edits you do, the closer you are to become an auto-confirmed user. In layman terms, it gives you the green flag to upload images and even moving pages to the public space.

Gather your information

Wikipedia has pretty strict rules. It is a trustworthy website on the internet that maintains actual figures. Wikipedia is more like an online encyclopedia. It is no fool to accept every request. Even if you are super famous in your neighborhood, Wikipedia approves your page only if you have a strong printed or online material that speaks of you. Sources matter to Wikipedia.

You need third-party resources such as websites, articles, journals, newspapers, books, press releases to strengthen your profile to get it approved. Therefore, make sure the content writing is authentic, unbiased, and straight to the point. While creating a page, you also consider adding images that are only copyrighted to you alone.

Write your copy

To create articles directly, your account must have at least 4 days of age and a minimum of 10 edits. Next, all Wikipedia content must be written from a neutral point of view. In their words, “neutrality means carefully and critically analyzing a variety of reliable sources and then attempting to convey to the reader the information contained in them fairly, proportionately, and as far as possible without editorial basis.”

Got it? Therefore the next step is to add your page. We recommend you to start with the Wikipedia Sandbox as it is a great start to tweak your editing skills without affecting the live articles. You can also start directly with the Wikipedia Article Wizard and start contributing.

The process of ​ creating a Wikipedia page​ might seem like a daunting task, but, end of the day, it is gonna be worth.

Submit for review

Boom! It is more like sending the first message to the crush. Anyway, once you are sure that the page is free of plagiarism and errors, you need to submit to Wikipedia to get it reviewed. Since they face a heavy load of requests, the process might take from a couple of days to long weeks. If you oblige all the regulations, Wikipedia will mark your site as a reliable page.

What is your experience? Have you tried creating a Wikipedia page? Have you been kicked out or welcomed in? Share with us in the comments section below.

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