DM vs SEO: Difference Between SEO and Digital Marketing (2019)

DM vs SEO: Difference Between SEO and Digital Marketing (2019)

Over the years, the misinterpretation and false verbalization of synonymizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Digital Marketing has mislead business people desperately seeking or in-need of either of the services. Moreover, this wrong representation also caused confusion among students looking to learn online marketing. Not any longer! The difference between SEO and Digital Marketing given below provides sufficient insights into understanding both the concepts clearly.

Acknowledging the difference between SEO and Digital Marketing is one of the biggest initial challenges for students embarking on a learning quest to master online marketing. Contrary to the general assumptions, both the concepts differ in many aspects: from definition to objective, both portray different explanation, yet, strangely express codependency on one another.

SEO and Digital Marketing Difference

Difference based on:Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Digital Marketing
DefinitionSEO, in general, is defined as a process of enhancing the visibility of the website/webpage, organically, by increasing the rank of the same on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy of utilising digital technologies and platforms, especially the Internet, to market or advertise products/services online.
ObjectivesIncrease ranking of the website on Search Engine Result Page organically.Create strong backlinks for the website.Increase traffic to the website.Optimise the website with relevant keywords.Improve user engagement and interaction.. . .
Strategise plans to utilise SEO, SMM, . . . to accomplish goals.Plan Pay-Per-Click Ad marketing.Generate leads and Increase revenue.Increase Conversion rates.Drive social traffic to the website.Improve Local SEO.Build a Brand.Manage Social Media Presence.Build Online Reputation.Create brand awareness.Content Management.. . .
Key Elements On-page SEO: Content, Keywords, Meta Title, Meta Description, etc.
Off-page SEO: Backlinks, Online Directories, Citations, etc.
SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Website Development, PPC Marketing, . . .

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