From Delivery Boy to Digital Marketer to-be: Abdul’s Strive for Success

From Delivery Boy to Digital Marketer to-be: Abdul’s Strive for Success

Sometimes stories hurt, sometimes they touch hearts, sometimes they frighten; but more than often stories inspire. No two stories have the same beginning or struggle, but they all have, almost, similar ending in common, where the protagonist of the tale beats the odds of life while pondering the real purpose of his/her way of living to emerge victorious. While the words give the stories meaning and significance, the depth of the struggle is only understood by the individual himself who bends over backwards to resilience from misfortunes to ultimately achieve success. Mohd. Abdul Jabbar’s is one such story, which is not just a tale that needs to be told rather a must-read story that needs to be read.

An Awakening Dream

One of the greatest human possessions is his ability to dream. There are various theories surrounding the actual cause and purpose of a dream. One among the popular hypothesis suggests the information gathered from a series of incidents, events, and happenings, which occur over the day(s) provoke a dream. Another theory suggests that dreams are a representation of one’s repressed wishes and desires. 

No matter what the reasons are, dreams, in many instances, have motivated people to comprehend their life choices and prompted them to take action. Many great minds in history have claimed to have found answers and inspiration in their dreams. In a similar happening, Abdul found his answer, or rather aspiration, in a dream

While narrating his dream, Abdul did it so clearly as though it had occurred just recently. In the dream, he remembers dreaming about living in a well-furnished and sophisticated house with his family where they all were happy and cozy. But the reality jerked him back into the physical world and made him feel low-esteem and unmotivated. 

After a day of work, when Abdul finally found time for a reality check he realized his life wasn’t moving as planned, and if it continued the way it was going he realized he would be stuck where he was – as an automobile workshop advisor – for the rest of his life with no increment or career growth. He went even deeper to question himself the noble questions of life, his no-prospective job, his responsibilities as a son and as a brother, his purpose in life, and many more.

By the time Abdul finished processing his dream, he had already lost one year of his precious life. So, he decided to act fast with caution! From the n-number of countless career opportunities to choose from, he picked out three: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and Digital Marketing. When asked Why? He justified by accounting the three to be booming, scopeful, and exciting fields to pursue and be-in.

The Quest for Career Growth

Abdul’s choice of profession change wasn’t a spontaneous or an overnight decision. It was a well-thought-out and analyzed conclusion. Among the three-chosen, his synonymy with Digital Marketing drove him to pursue it passionately. But there was a problem; he didn’t know where to begin!

Abdul was conversant with Digital Marketing way before he chose to learn it and possibly pursue it professionally. “I got to know about Digital Marketing at a college event, where a training institute was promoting their course. I was fascinated to learn about it but held back due to some issues,” said Abdul.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Technology ( degree in Mechanical Engineering, Abdul joined an Automobile service center as a workshop advisor, where his daily duties involved helping and assisting people with their vehicle insurance. In the midst of career heights, he had an eye-opening revelation. Despite eminence appreciation from his fellow blue-collar coworkers, he noticed no salary increment or promotion from the company’s side. While evaluating the unfortunate possible cause of action, he understood that his position was prone to no prospects or growth opportunities. Everywhere he went looking for an alternative offer, he ended up getting the same position. This provoked him to consider a profession change.    

A Leap of Faith

After conducting a thorough groundwork and elaborate research, Abdul came across a Digital marketing training institution namely, BeIntellect in Hyderabad, where he is currently pursuing a 6-month Digital Marketing course whilst working as a food delivery boy; and aspires to secure a white-collar job in a good corporate organization after completion of the course.

Unlike his earlier job as an automobile workshop advisor, where the likelihood of his career growth was very-thin and almost zero despite working night and day, he intends to beat those odds in the Digital Marketing sector, where the chances of growth are governed by work and dedication. “There is a lot to look forward to in the Digital Marketing pipeline as long as one is committed to learning and developing with the digital trends. In the daily changing digital world one needs to constantly challenge, especially a Digital Marketer, to work with the digitally growing market,” said Abdul. The hierarchy of Digital Marketing begins from trainee and goes way up to high-income executive level.

“In the current digital-driven world, the requirement for the people, who specialize in understanding the functioning of the Internet and working of the Search Engine;, and utilizing them for the development of an organization and business, is huge. Thus, it (Digital Marketing) has a prominent significance place and better career opportunities in the world,” claimed Abdul.

The Unconditional Support From Family

Abdul’s decision to quit the job was well-supported by his family members because they understood his aspirations and believed their reliance on him for sustenance was insignificant in front of his dream. Even after giving up a well-providing job, Abdul didn’t forget his responsibilities towards his family. His virtuous and selfless desire to provide his parents and sister happiness and livelihood made him take up the laborious job of delivery boy in Zomato. By day Abdul is a delivery boy and by night he is a thriving digital marketing student.

“I want to provide my family with the best at everything. I have a dream of taking my parents in my own car,” said Abdul. It took awhile for him to open up about his family. With a deep heaviness at heart, Abdul narrated the daily struggles his family has been going through every day ever since his father was diagnosed with a brain disease that left him partially blind in one of the eyes and cost him his job. To make up for their daily needs and livelihood, his parents spent their life savings to open a small retail shop. Despite the unfortunate times, his parents never forced him into doing anything he didn’t want to do, instead, stuck by him and have been constantly motivating him to pursue his passion for excellence.


Very few people have the courage to take a stand against life when it goes out of hand and steer it in the right direction instead of sulking into it. Abdul is a living example of hard work and dedication, whose noble mission for success is aspiring. Without a doubt, someday he will reach his destination and fulfill all the promises beating the odds of life. Today he might be a mere delivery boy, but tomorrow he will be an inspiration to many. 

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